Fertilizer Injectors

Current preparation frameworks incorporate manure injectors that have a place with one of two sorts: compost injectors that are electrically fueled (freely or by a regulator), or compost injectors that are precisely controlled by water pressure.

The compost injectors infuse manure arrangements into the water system water. The proportion in which the arrangement is infused is named “infusion rate”. This proportion can be communicated as rate or v/v units.

For instance – a proportion of 5 liter/m3 implies that 5 liters of compost arrangement are infused into every m3 of water system water. A similar injector rate can be communicated in rate as 0.5% (5 liter/1000 liter x 100) or as 1:200. Higher injector rate implies more manure arrangement is infused into the water system water.

There are three fundamental components that should be considered to guarantee an effective activity of injectors: the necessary injector stream rate, the water pressure and the materials the compost injector is made of.

Injector stream rate

The necessary stream pace of a manure injector relies upon:

the water system stream rate

the necessary treatment level

the convergence of the compost stock arrangement

For arriving at a specific preparation level, higher water system stream rates require compost injectors with higher stream rates.

For instance, in the event that you need to infuse 5 liters of manure stock arrangement into 1 m3 of water, and the water system stream rate is 30 m3/hour, you will require a compost injector with a base stream pace of 150 liter/hour (30 m3/hour x 5 liter/m3 = 150 liter/hour). It would be unthinkable for a manure injector with a lower stream rate, to arrive at the ideal treatment level.

Utilize this straightforward count to check whether your manure injector can give the necessary composts amounts:

Separation the compost injector stream by the water system stream to get the infusion rate.

For instance, If your manure injector 150 liter/hour and the water system stream rate is 30 m3/hour, at that point the maximal conceivable infusion rate is 5 liter/m3 (150/30), or 0.5%.

In the event that the stream pace of your compost injector is excessively low, you can make one of the accompanying moves:

Decline the water system stream rate, by flooding less valves simultaneously

Increment the centralization of the manure stock arrangement. For this situation, ensure you don’t surpass the dissolvability restrictions of the composts.

Water pressing factor and water stream influence the presentation of manure injectors.

Water move through the injector and water pressure in the water system line should be satisfactory for a proficient activity of compost injectors.

For instance, if the water pressure in the water system line is higher than the maximal pressing factor against which the injector can work, the manure arrangement probably won’t be proficiently infused, and the compost injector may even at last not infuse any composts whatsoever.

Some mechanical injectors utilize the water pressure as their capacity source (for example Dosatron). Such injectors have a trademark scope of water stream in which they can work proficiently. In the event that the water course through the injector is out of this reach, the injector is likely not give changed proportion .

Materials a manure injector must be made of

An extra thought in picking your manure injector is the sort of compound that would be infused by it.

Injectors that are utilized for infusing corrosive, should be impervious to erosion. Moreover, the sort of corrosive has any kind of effect.

Portions of the compost injector that come into contact with sulfuric corrosive should be made of corrosive safe elastic, while parts that interact with phosphoric corrosive, should be made of treated steel.

In manure injectors that are reliably used to infuse pesticides, plastic parts ought not interact with the arrangement on the grounds that numerous pesticides contain synthetic compounds that harm PVC.

Best to be as cautious as possible – purchase injectors that can give marginally higher streams than your most extreme prerequisites.